other friends

 Martie  1997



 Delene  16 February 1998




on holiday in Graskop: April 1998






Mike was an IELTS student in Shenyang,

and my first friend in China.

January 2003.


His father was a medical doctor,

his mother a high ranking official in the Liaoning Railway,


and his girlfriend was from the large Korean community in Shenyang.


After only a few months in China,

I was still unfamiliar with the local culture.




 We had some good times together.




Sally was a lecturer in computer technology at Liaoning University.

I had a crush on her, but she was not interested

as she was on her way to study at the University of Chicago.

Shenyang, May, 2004 



What a pleasure to have some fellow South Africans around.





Mission Hills: 25 September 2007



Andre du Pont, August 2007.

We are on our way to Detian Waterfalls.


Vicky and Tom to Detain.



Andre and Kevin having breakfast on the way to Detian



Christmas 2007. 

Theresa, Johannah, Tom, Susan, Molly, Johnny, Alex, Vicky.



 May 2008.

With Vicky at Jinggangshan.



March 2008





Ricky Guo and friend



Emma and Vicky

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Tom, John, and Martin



Summer and Erik 



Lao Tao 



 Lydia, Johanna, and Landi



George Cai,  Lao Hu,   Lao Tao,   and friend, with Judy in front



 Emma And Bernie: Mission Hills 2009



Ray and Joyce



Steven and golden friend



 Lao Tao and golden friend

 Lao Tao the music man



 Nicole and Jennifer



Mr. Guo is from Dongbei. 

He is an excellent chef,

an expert on hunting with hounds,

and loves birds and nature.


Here he is with his wife and staff in their restaurant. 



 Fellow students at the Keats Mandarin School, Kunming.

March 2010



Wang Dali and his wife.

My friendly nabours at Mission Hills for three years. 



Mary was 13 years old,

came from her hometown in Fujian province

to work in her aunt's restaurant for the school holidays,

and is eager to learn English from the foreign customer.




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