detian waterfall


 In August 2007, we went on a weekend outing to Detian Waterfalls.


On the over-night bus.





The countryside reminds one of the Guilin area.




Detian village square.


 Looking down on the square from our hotel room.


A welcoming party was there to meet us.


When everyone who owns a camera needs a group photo,

busdrivers come in handy.


And then it was on to the falls. 










Tom, Vicky, Kevin, me.


Andre, Kevin, Vicky, me.


Safety is a high priority. 


Patronizing the local tourism industry. 


The lady was in our tour group, and often the topic of discussion.


 Easy on the eye for the guys,

but a trifle too decadent for the liking of the gals.


Dinner looks good,


and tasted even better.


That evening,

we had to have a look at the border between China and Vietnam.






No problems with customs here. You just take the first available raft,

and you are on your way to Vietnam.


A nice Sunday breakfast.


That is if you don't look at the kitchen with a too critical eye.


Then some more sight-seeing in the area. 










Back on the bus. 


And safely home before daybreak on Monday morning.


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