work: Jiahua Shenzhen


1 July 2010

I started at Jiahua Language School in Shenzhen.

The name is the same as the first place I worked at in China

in 2002. 



The entrance with Donna and Fion.


Views from the front office. 





Bernie, our first IELTS student. 


With Leo, our second student, in the classroom. 



August 2010, and our number of IELTS students have grown. 

Back:   Me   Penny   Lynn   Candy   Bernie

Front:    Gerrard   Betty   Tuth



31 October 2010.

My last day at Jiahua as a full-time teacher.



and also time for a Halloween party.




At the opening of the new JiaHua Nanshan branch.



14 December 2012

JiaHua Futian teachers and staff 



10 January 2013






17 June 2013

The teachers at our new branch in KeXueGuan. 


Diana and Nancy





8 November 2013

Phil in heaven with

Joanna        Lily       The Man        Helen      Stella


The Magnificent Seven




30 November 2013


Sky          &          Sky




22 December 2013

Christmas party and auction













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