On 1 November 2010,

 I started out on my own as a English Tutor.



1 November 2010

Good-Good-Study Language Centre

was born.






21 November 2010

The first two employees are Cindy (full-time) and Nolly (part-time)..




Avril (on the right), our first full-time adult student.

On the left, her (and our) friend, Leah.




26 November 2010

Cindy at work in my apartment.




27 November 2010

We received the key to the premises of

Good-Good-Study Language Center




The reception area. 



The Office area.



A classroom. 




We have our own bathroom, and even a kitchen.




Views from the office. 






My apartment is across the road

and can be seen from the office. 




"The Boss" 

Happy, humble, proud, and thankfull. 




Also on

27 November 2010

We had our first kindergarten demo class this evening. 




It's all about guys like him....



... and them. 




Cindy, on the right,

did a good job in preparing the lesson plan and assisting me.

The students were adorable and eager.



Happy Student  =  happy Mom.



Happy Mom  =  happy Grandma and Grandpa. 




15 December 2010

Lisa (left) has joined the team,

and Chris (back) came all the way from Zambia to pay us a visit.





Cindy, Lisa, and Juliette (on the right) who joined GGS two days ago. 




New Year's Eve 2010

And all is ready for the New Year's Pary tomorrow. 



The Party







The GGS team.

Nolly  Lisa  Cindy





At Hope Language Center




January 2011

Cindy and her parents visited GGS.



March 2011

Dinner in a classroom 



June 2011

Grand Skylight Hotel 



June 2011

Union English 


July 2011

Training Volunteers for the Universiade 





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