my family


My grandmother and grandfather

on my father's side of the family.

Kestell is a small maize farming town in the eastern part of 
the Orange Free State province of South Africa.
It is named after the Reverend Dr. John Daniel Kestell (1854 - 1941).
He was a minister of the Dutch Reformed Church from 1894 to 1903.
An author and cultural leader, he played an important role in the Anglo-Boer War and later helped with the Bible translations into Afrikaans.



My father grew up here, and this is the house in Kestell in which my grandparents lived when I got to know them. 



 I was named

Christiaan Johannes Hattingh

after my grandfather.  




My sister and I knew them during our childhood years and early adult life.



My grandfather passed away in 1969, and my grandmother in 1980.



Although he was forced to work and live in a town in his later life,

my grandfather was a farmer in heart and soul. A very kind man.


He always kept animals and treated them more like children





My grandfather on my mother’s side was


 05.11.1897 – 26.04.1949. 

My grandma was


20.10.1897 – 10.10. 1951.


My great-grandparents were



My great-grandma Dagna,

arrived with her parents in SA in 1882 at the age of 13.

They were from Alesund in Norway.




These are my great-grandparents (in the dark clothes)

on my mother's side. 



My father, Charel David Naude Hattingh on the far left,

and my mother Margaret Dagmar Hattingh (nee Botha) on the far right.

I am sitting on the lap of a lady we called Ouma Grootjie,

which means Great Grandmother.





The first house that I can remember that we lived in was this one in

Stinnie Street, Nigel. 



My parents, probably in the early 1950's.



 My dad on the right and three friends made a trip to the Kruger National Park in the early 50's. They were all working in the Standard Bank Rustenburg at the time, and it is told (with a smile) that it took the four bank clerks weeks afterwards to sort out the expenses kitty that they used during the trip.

My parents were avid caravaners,
with my dad always in some leadership role.

Flappies   Tian    Mom    Evien    Hannes

Dad      Evein

October 1979
Standing:  Hannes    Marlene
Front: Hein    Tian   Grandpa / Debra    Grandmas Margie & Maritjie

Back:   Hannes   Dad   Marlene

Front:   Evein    Lassie    Mom    Hein   Marietjie / Debra  

Grandma   Hein   Ilke   Jean   lizanne   Debra   Grandpa



Jean   Lizanne   Ilke

Grandpa      Grandma


Left to right


Tian   Mom   Dad   Mother-in-law Marietjie (Debra)   Father-in-law Faan    Marlene 

Joshua (Marlene's younger brother)   and Grandma

Front: Hannes    Hein    Carmen  Nettie (Marlene's younger sister)

October 1979





Left to right:

Marlene's Uncle and Aunt      My Mom and Dad     Nettie     Marlene (holding Charel)   

Hannes    Carmen    Mom-in law (holding Debra)    Father-in-law

February 1983




Left to right

Mom and her sister Winnie     Father-in-law Faan    Mother-in-law Marietjie    Sister-in-law Carla   

Brother-in-law Joshua     Debra     Marlene     Charel    Tian

ca. 1988



My sister, Evien Dagmar, with her husband, Francois, on her left,

and my youngest brother, Hein-Phillip, on her right.



Below: Hein-Phillip a long long time ago.



Mom, Debra, Hein.

February 2006



14 February 2008

Debra has a boy named Ben, after his father. My first grandchild.




Hein and Tracey has a boy called JD (Joshua David)




 Younger brother Hannes Charel, Sister Evien,

youngest brother Hein-Phillip, and Mom.



Hein and his wife, Tracy    

Feb. 2006




Mom, Charel, Debra, Tian, Hein

February 2006





Charel and an ex-girlfriend Em



  Ben is growing fast.



With mom and Dad in 2009. 



Ben in 2010. 



 Hein and Tracy have a son called JD.

Here they are in August 2010.



Mich and Charel

October 2010



October 2010

The family has gathered for JD's dedication.

Friend  Mom  Evein  Karmen  Francois  Hannes  Lizaan & Friend  Jean



JD with the Greeffies.




Middle-Boet holding JD, with Karmen, Lizaan, and Friend.



Mom and the three Brats.



Ben in 2011.




August 2012

Hein     Charel      JD



15 September 2012

Ben, Little Ben, and Debra, on her 33rd birthday.




2011 - 2012















December 2012

 2 X Ben



December 2013











Mich and Charel with Hein and JD.


Hein and Tracy


Ben and Debra

Evein and Francois


Lizaan got married


Josh and Tracy


Little Ben


January 2015

Little Ben on his first day in school.


Hein   Joshua   Tracey   Denise



December 2021

Many family members gathered in Knysna for the holidays.


Ilke     Francois     Evein     Hein     Tracy     Joshua     Jean     Stefan


The Greeff family

Francois   Ilke   Jean    Evein


Hein   Joshua   Tracey

Ilke, Reiden, and Stefan Griesel


He should visit Vietnam, 
so that we can teach him how to use chopsticks.

Masterchefs Stefan and Hein





        Hannes with grandson Ludwig                   Hein with Ilke's son Reiden


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Date of Birth

 Name  Relationship  Passed
14 January 1969 Hein-Phillip Brother  
15 January 1989 Jean Nephew  
10 February 1983 Charel Son  
14 February 2008 Ben Grandson  
17 February 1960 Hannes Brother  
02 March 1962 Carmen Sister-in-law  
20 March 1954 Evein Sister  
19 April 1990 Ilke Niece  
28 April 1929 Charel Father 16 June 2003
19 August 1988 Lizanne Niece  
25 August 1953 Francois Brother-in-law  
15 September 1979 Debra Daughter  
20 October 1897 Dagmar Grandmother 10 October 1951
5 November 1897 Theunis Grandfather 26 April 1949
08 November 1951 Tian Me  
16 November 1929 Margeret Mother  2 July 2021
24 November 1970 Tracy Sister-in-law  
25 November 1896 Christiaan Grandfather 01 November 1969
27 November 2009 Joshua  Nephew  
  Evie Grandmother 01 June 1980



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