work: jiahua, shenyang


My first job in China was at the Jiahua IELTS Training Centre in Shenyang,

in the north-eastern province of Liaoning.

After a screw-up by an agent in Beijing,

and spending my first weekend in Wuxi near Shanghai,

the gentleman in the back, known affectionately to us as "The Uncle",

organised this job for me.

His wife, known to us (equally affectionately) as "The Aunt",

second from the left,

was a doctor and in charge of the physical well-being of the 60

resident students at the centre.

Also in front is Molly, the centre Manager,

and Amy from the admin section.


      Molly was my Manager, and friend.             My room had a stinky view . 


But it was a good place to make new friends.

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                   Amy, "The Aunt", and Molly.                A student posing with the lao wai.


At work.


The language lab.


 Visiting the sites of the city.



The Muddy River.


The new Industrial District.



Relaxing in the maple forest of Benxi. 



The parking lot at the local book shop. 


Visiting an outlaying village.


The farmer firmly believed that because of my visit,

an ewe gave birth to twins earlier that morning.



The family of one of my students. 


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