dinners and parties: Dec 2002 - Nov 2009


Christmas 2002. Jiahua, Shanyang

David was the boss,

and disappeared (to Canada?) soon afterwards.


Next to me is Molly and Amy, with the Aunt in the middle in front.



2004: A teacher at Jiahua has a birthday. 


The new Jiahua boss. 



My birthday, 8 Nov. 2004, Shenyang, China





My birthday in 2005 will be remembered for the girl who sang

the Wang Faye hit "Wo yuanyi" to me in a local bar.


Christmas 2007, Mission Hills.


Tom, me, Alex.


Ajax and Alice's housewarming. 6 July 2008.


Dumplings with Debbie. 26 July 2008. 



Vicky leaves Mission Hills. 2008-09-22. 



Lydia, Johannah, Landi.


6 years in China.

October 2008


 Back: Steven

Front: Judy  Jelly  Emma  Vicky




Steven and Lydia


Joyce   John   Jessica 


Birthday: 08-Nov-2008 






New Years dinner:  16 January 2009 




Landi's birthday: 1 July 2009 



Terri's son, Michael, on my left. 



Chinese festival: 28 May 2009 




 Emma and Nancy are one year older





Tian and Leo's birthday: 6 November 2009 










Celebrating with the Mission Hills Executive English class. 




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