dinners: July 2010 -

Tian's farewell to the MH Training Office

4 July 2010 




Back: Joannah, Leo

Front: Echo, Sarah de Jager, Cici, Tian, Mark


Cici, and my new watch. 


Jeffrey and Bonny 


Nancy and hubby 



Ray and Joyce 


Ava and Ajax 


Echo, Sarah, Cici 


Johanna's birthday: 17 July 2010. 


 With Mr. Lee, her long-time boyfriend.








Kindergarten New Year's Party

Back: Lisa  Peter  Cindy

Front: Yoyo  Black








7 October 2012

Jiahua staff party 

Faye and Eric founded Jiahua three years ago. 









August 2014

I was laid off by Jiahua on 31 July 2014,

and attended several farewell dinners with loyal students.

Back: Terri   Steven

Front:   Sky   Febi   Ellephen   me   Lily   Suzy   Nancy   Helen 




     Back:    Sheldon     me       Abby

     Front:    Shane       Febi      Sky 




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