kidd's wedding


Kidd, named after the basketball player Jason Kidd,

was one of my students in 2002/3,

and became one of my best friends in China.


Kidd and and his lovely wife Flora

held their wedding function in their hometown,

Panjin, Liaoning, on 7 January 2008,

and were kind enough to invite me.




Peter, another former student, me, and Kidd.




Tradition has it that, after the formalities,

 the bride changes into a red dress.



The after-party was held that evening.

On the menu: a fish,




and moonshine. Lots of moonshine !!


The bride and groom were put through some games.


 Creating as much embarresment as decently possible.


Kidd and Flora

were having a good time.

Kid's brother is a policeman,

so I promptly named him Sarge. 


There was a lot of eating,




and ..., many a friendship forged. 


And in the end, save those that had passed out,

all were happy for Kidd and Flora.



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