Mang Den / Kon Tum

Over the May Day Holiday 2022, I undertook a trip to Mang Den and Kon Tum.
I passed through countless villages,

                                                crossed many rivers, 

                              climbed to an elevation of 1500m.

and passed many peasant villages.

Mang Den

Măng Đen is a township and capital of Kon Plông District in 
Kon Tum Province in Vietnam.
The township is located 1200 m above sea level on the Mang Den Plateau in the northern parts of the Central Highlands region.

Kon Tum

Kon Tum province lies in the Central Highlands region of Vietnam and shares borders with Laos and Cambodia. It has an area of 9,934 square km and a population of approximately 530,000. The economy is primarily agricultural.

This picture was taken in Kon Tum on May 18, 1972

Modern Day   Good Samaritans

On my way back from Kon Tum, 
my bike broke down about 12 km from Mang Den.
The very first passers-by stopped and offered to take my bike and me to a repair shop in Mang Den.

In addition to rescuing me,
 they insisted that I spend the evening and night with them at their home.

   Dad                                                            Mom

and Grandpa

Because of a number of friends joining, dinner was served on a large carpet.


On my way back, I caught up with some dear friends in Quang Ngai.