27 January 2014

Flight UO747 from Hong Kong to Penang, Malaysia

with my students Lily and Yvonne.





Great was my surprise to meet my old friends 

Emma (my ex-boss at Mission Hills) and her husband Bernie 

at Penang Airport.

The next morning it was on to the ferry port for a 3 hour ride to 

Langkawi Island.





On our arrival we were surprised once again to find that Johannah, 

another one of my students, and a friend were on the same ferry.


Want to book an excursion? 

Then AB Motel is the place to go.



Our choice was the Island Hopping tour.








The sea-eagles are everywhere.

In Malay "langkawi" means "reddish-brown eagle",


It was late afternoon when we arrived back at the main island, 

but we still had time for some excitement.




BEWARE: Yvonne approaching the landing area.



The next day we decided on a snorkeling outing.






 Then, for a view of the island, 

we took the cable car from the Oriental Village.








and the prize for the best kept restroom in Malaysia goes to ...

Back on Penang Island we spent our time in Georgetown,

the capital of Penang. 

It has been regarded by the Huffington Post as one of the 

"10 best places in the world to retire".

The town is rich in Colonial architecture.





The Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion




 Fort Cornwallis




Colonial splendour at its best.



Penang Botanical Gardens



Backpacker's alley.


 Sea-coconuts are not my cup of tea really.

If you are an owl person,

this is heaven.



 Penang Street Art


         The famous "boy reaching for a cup".





(I wondered what Banksy would say.)



On the road again.




Informative videos: