ajax and alice


Ajax and I have been working together in the

Training Office of Mission Hills since August 2005.

Later a beautifull girl joined us.



25 September 2007


In October 2007,

I invited them to join me on a weekend trip to Zhaoqing.

It was then that the "spark" between them was found. 


 Ajax took part in an English competition.



During the recordings in the Shenzhen TV studios,

Alice declared her love for him in public.



The looks says it all !!




Mission Hills: 30 October 2007 




6 July 2008

Ajax and Alice have their own home.






The view from their balcony.






Deqing: 22 March 2009


 October 2009



Ava's wig: 3July 2010 





At my farewell party: 4 July 2010 



 December 2010


January 2011

Sleeping over at GGS


And becoming more and more beautiful. 



 For more pics of them go to: zhaoqing



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