gokkie and hein visits China

My younger sister Evien, and youngest brother Hein,

 visited me in November 2008.


It was a joyous reunion at the Hong Kong airport. 


Jetlag was no problem for the Boer and Boerin,

so we immediately set off to Macau by ferrie.


 First stop were the two most famous icons.





Then it was off to the tower.





See more at macau


The next day was spent on a visit to the Omega Mission Hills Word Cup 

at the Dongguan Clubhouse.


Then it was Beijing.

We arrived late afternoon,

with just enough time for a visit to the Temple of Heaven.







The next morning it was breakfast on the train to the Great Wall.



Hein charming the local girls. (Once more!!)


And then we reached one of the Wonders of the World.




 After the Great Wall, it was time for some serious shopping,

with some genuine Russian vodka to keep out the cold.



Click on this link  Great Wall  for more pics.


On the train back to Beijing.




And just in time for the retreat ceremony on Tian'anmen Square.





Later that evening to the most famous tea house in Beijing.







After the show,

Hein negotiates a night time ride through a hutong.





The next day, it's goodbye to our guide, Vivien.



On the train to Huangshan.





Huangshan (Yellow Mountain) train station.


By taxi to the town.


 Mr. Hu was sent from heaven.

He directed us in the right direction,

gave us some valuable advice,

and later took us back to Hefei airport.

That's him second from the left.


Then it was up into the mist.







 At last, a hotel was found.




 Light snow outside...



 ... but snug inside.



 Die lekkerrrrrr sous !



No respect  from the youngsters towards an old brother.


The next day was clear,

and we could actually see the hotel entrance.








 Click on this link Yellow Mountain for more pics.



Back in town, it was time for some shopping.



Mr. Hu took us to Huizhou, a village of the Hui minoriy,

after who the town and province was named.





 For more on the village go to Hui village.


Then on to Tunxi airport, where we boarded for Guangzhou.


Guangzhou, the capital of the Guangdong province.

Earlier it was known as Canton,

and from there the name Cantonese,

the name of the Chinese language spoken in Guangdong,

and in the "China Towns" all over the world.







Our hotel was on the Shamian island,

famous for its colonial architecture.


For more pics on the island, go to Shamian. 


Then to the bus station for a ride to Shenzhen,

where they crossed the border into Hong Kong,

and from there back home.


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