Dandong, Liaoning province, China



The Sino-Korea, Sino-Korean, or China-North Korea Friendship Bridge

 (renamed from Yalu River Bridge in 1990) connects the cities of Dandong,

China and SinĊ­iju, North Korea.was constructed by the Japanese between

April 1937 and May 1943, during their reign over Korea and Manchukuo

(northeast China), to span the Yalu River. One of the few ways to enter

or leave North Korea, it carries automobile and rail traffic.

Pedestrians are not allowed to cross.


About 100 meters downstream are the remains of an older bridge constructed between May 1909 and October 1911.  Both bridges were bombed by American aircraft during the Korean War. From November 1950 to February 1951, the United States used B-29 and B-17 heavy bombers, and F-80 fighter-bombers to repeatedly attack the bridges in an attempt to cut off Chinese supplies to the North Koreans. The bridges were repeatedly repaired. The 1911 bridge was left destroyed and only the newer 1943 bridge repaired and used at the end of the war. Four spans of the old bridge remained on the Chinese side of the river, giving it the name the

"Broken Bridge"


1 August 2003




A group of English teachers at a local college.


Downtown Dandong


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