After many years of trying and waiting and praying,

our Heavenly Father was gracious enough to present

Hein and Tracey with the gift of a lifetime.

On 27 November 2009 the little guy was born,

and they named him Joshua David,

in honor of that great man of God,

and in honor of his grandfather

Charel David Naude Hattingh.






5 months and growing (everywhere!!)



September 2010 




October 2010 




With Granma Margie



With Mom and Dad



With Mom, Dad, and two Grannies



In May 2011, JD visited France 




He took his Mom and Dad along for the ride. 




January 2012

Hout Bay, Cape Town







 December 2012

With Uncle Hannes and Dad



15 January 2014

First school day




October 2014




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