my life (2021- )

6 January 2021

Joe Biden won the USA presidential election on 3 November 2020.

Donald Trump did not accept his loss, and incited a mob to storm the capitol building to stop the counting of the Electoral College votes.


20 January 2021

Joe Biden is inaugurated as the 46th President of the USA.

Kamala Harris is the first women to be Vice President of the US of A.

Biden and Harris and their spouses looking at 500 lights to honor the 500 000 Americans that have died in the Covid 19 pandemic to date.


8-12 February 2021

Lunar New Year

                Tian      Tiana & Nelius   Paige & Willie

                        Anna        Paige      Tiana

Alex & Anna

Tiana & Nelius



17 February 2021

Tonight I wrote the last sentence of Volume 5 

(which contains notes on 400 texts from the Hebrew Bible)

in the series

Biblical Hebrew for All

(Started writing Volume 1 on 15 September 2014)


21 February
An afternoon trip to the neighboring town of Tien Ky

I have reached an important milestone in my life.


8 March 2021

Women's Day


8 April 2021
What a day !!!

                                                         April 2021


30 April 2021
Reunification Day
My Son Heritage site

   Tiana   Nelius               Anna            Betty

7 May 2021 
All 5 my babies together.



June 2021

Josh is ready for the South African winter.

Reiden, the 2 months old son of 
Ilke and Stefan Griesel 
came to visit the Hattingh's.


2 July 2021

Mom passed away early this morning.
Hamba kahle Oumamma.

After a two month delay due to the Covid-19 virus, 
I received my copies of 
BHFA Volume 1 today.


22 July 2021
I have always (and still) believe in angels.
They sent me these gifts from heaven, and their names are
Tiana and Nelius van der Merwe


5 August 2021
My first Hebrew lesson online with 

Adefia (Herman) Boateng from Ghana. 

Herman Jo Boateng

Notes from the class

9 / 11


Meanwhile in Vietnam

Saturday 11 Sept. 2021
                        Sunday 12 Sept. 2021

Sunday 17 October 2021

My dear Ukrainian friends Anna and Alex came to Vietnam on holiday almost two years ago, and have been stuck here ever since.
So they decided to postpone no longer, 
and tied the proverbial knot here in Tam Ky.

A sumptuous meal 
(vegetarian of course) 
was prepared by a team of volunteering ladies.