Debra, was born on 15 September 1979.

She was named after the character in the book "Eagle in the Sky",

by the renowned South African author, Wilbur Smith.

It's from the Hebrew "Deborah", which means "honey bee".


Charel was born on 10 February 1983,

and named after my father.


































































Debra in Primary school



End of primary school for Debsh.

















Debra the class captain:

front row third from the left



 Debra dressed for the prom.















Charel and Debra with little Ben,

my first grandchild.








15 September 2012

 Ben, Little Ben, and Debra

on her 33 rd birthday




































































Debra on her first day to school




























































Charel in primary school




























 Dressed for an occasion



Charel and then girlfriend Em













little Ben

























Charel the tour guide 










Charel and girlfriend Mich.



 June 2011

In China




August 2012:  Hein  Charel  JD 



February 2013

Manager at Thornybush Game Lodge






Charel-Mich in China



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